We are a specialist production and consultation studio with decades worth of experience in media production, the arts, live events and art consultancy.

We bring a unique and highly refined skillset to the table.



We stream live events and performances: from a simple but elegant 2 camera setup to custom streaming solutions with multiple camera operators and custom audio setups, we bring a depth of knowledge and reliability to your live stream. We understand the critical pathways from your actions through to your viewer’s experience and optimise the solution to maximise your vision and budget.


Case Study:

An ongoing series of streams for Black Lives Matter Sverige. The first in the series stood out as a great example of our agility. With a day and a half notice, we devised a lightweight, effective streaming solution to broadcast a live music set and panel discussion between authority figures from the Swedish Black community and the government minister for equality. With the location being finalised only hours before the broadcast, we had to work out a flexible, robust and reliable solution at breakneck speed, then an ongoing process for the bi-weekly streams.


From documenting live events to creating documentaries to behind the scenes documentation of film productions. We are experienced in providing solid documentation for live events, research projects and performances. If you want to push the form further we are good at creating an imaginative and compelling story to further engage your project.

Case study:

Our friends at Sprouting Pictures are working on a fantasy adventure feature and they asked us to document and prepare a behind the scenes video for their kickstarter campaign. Our understanding of aesthetics and the core story meant we could deliver a seamless video for their campaign.


While we can pull together a full scale production crew with our associates production companies, we are also skilled at work light pon challenging assignments: there are numerous occaisons when an agile expert or highly focused team are needed to fullfill a very specific set of reqiurements.

Case study:

a series of editorial stories for a Danish/Polish production company in a number of polish castles and palaces. We had to work fast and be invisible using only natural light in challengeing faced paced locations. The results were stunning and the client went on to commission us for four years including an unusual project in an elaborate water park in Abu Dhabi.
Subsequently, Bichard shot a short period drama at one of these locations about the life and death of the 19th c. Russian revolutionary Sofia Perovskaya.


We specialise in finding unusual solutions to advertising briefs. From shooting a Nosferatu vampire in a 1930s cinema in Stockholm to a guerilla costume shoot in a famous science museum. We are bold and let our imaginations take flight and we like working with people who thrive on realising adventurous worlds.

Case Study:

Our client, Racefox, a tech startup in the sports fitness sector wanted to create a series of technical social media videos to launch a new series of products in time for the Winter ski season. With only a few weeks before launch, we flew out to Norway to film the ski champion Tord Gerdalen and turn his atheltic prowess into a series of enhanced social media videos. A lean. agile production that was adapted to the extreme environmental conditions: from dense freezing fog to beautiful warm sunlight above the clouds over the course of the day’s mountain shoot…