Love and Science

Set in 18th century France, Émilie is a historical short film drama about the forgotten scientist woman Emilie du Chatelet’s last year in life batteling love, knowledge, rejections and heartbreak.

Starting of as Felicia Bichard’s teatrical one woman solo show in 2019, now a film with the fantastic Ala Riani as Èmilie.

Sneek-PREMIERE 30th March – Bio Kaskad, Blackeberg – 18.00-19.30 – there will be short talk by the director at 18.30 followed by the screening in the marvellous vintage cinema 25 mins from central Stockholm. More info on the Facebook event here


Written, produced, directed by Felicia Bichard.
Filmed, edited, VR world created by JP Bichard.

Filmed on location in Nykelviken, Stockholm and in green studio.

Émilie du Chatelet – Ala Riani
Saint Lambert – Johan L Heinstedt
Voltaire – Jan Schmith
Servant – Isabella Sjööns
Modern Woman – Nora Ullert
Anna Svensson Kundromichalis, Mikael Bernelöv, Thomas Hagaeus

Costume: Maria Franzon, Anna Kjellsdotter, Marianne Bernt Stange and more
Hair/wardrobe: Vera Björk
Make-up: Elisabeth Freiberger & Linda Liedberg

Thanks to Nicholas Barklung. Björn Falkevik, Jonatan Morell, Susanne Öhqvist, Åke Cappelin, Laure Bronkard, Karolina Magnusson, Elisa Edgren, Irene englund, Felicia Westin, Martin Lejon, Magdalana Flink, Linus Ehn, Nils Harning, Tova Björkquist, PV20/21, Jenny Gabrielsson Mare, Robin Karlsson & Jonna Vanhattalo

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