A selection of short films and Physical Cinema works by Bichard Studios that explore fragmented narrative, identity and gender.


Kampen mellan kärlek, liv och vetenskap: En kvinnas uppoffring för att bli odödlig…
The struggle between love, life and science: A woman’s sacrifice to become immortal – a short film on the life of Emilie du Chatelet (Swedish)

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Some people risk everything to bring about change…
Set in 1880s Russia, Sofia’s Letters looks at the brief life of revolutionary Sofia Perovskaya from a personal perspective and the consequences and changes she helped action.
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A choreographed poem set in a maze of one’s own making: inverting gender power roles and setting the antagonist as protagonist. The saga of the minotaur is pulled apart as Ariadne consumes her mate, releasing them, subverting the myth of male power and female guile.
With dancer Isabella Ragnarsson – premiered at Dancefilm Festival 2020.


A narrated poem told from the shadows that follows the shifting state of a person experiencing trauma,  juxtaposed with the moment when a butterfly lands on water, only to be consumed by a bat. How to return?
Of Ashes is a Physical Cinema short film by Ingrid André and John-Paul Blichard produced at StDH 2019 under the mentorship of Helena Jonsdottir.


Our skin is an interface between our externally and internally lived lives. Performance artist Syban breaks this layer in her exquisite aesthetic and extreme body work. A physical cinema short film where camera and performer engage in a delicate dance.
Warning – bloody – see the trailer here.